Hello world!

My name is Ben and I like to endlessly rant about music, and so do some of my friends. To spread said rants worldwide I have created this blog. The blog is called Straight from the crates because most of the music that is up for review will be at least a couple of years old and I rather fancy the idea of having crates full of vinyl around because I like the old school feel of listening to an LP. However since a lot of stuff isn’t readily available on this particular medium, since I don’t have space to stash that many records and since I don’t even own a phonograph this obviously will not actually be what we are doing. We’ll just use iTunes or Winamp like the rest of you.

Q: But isn’t that fucking pretentious?

A: Yes, it indeed it is.

Anyway, if you like to read snobby music reviews this‘ll be the site for you!


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