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Britney Spears – …Baby One More Time

Britney Spears
…Baby One More Time
Januari 12, 1999
Jive/ Sony Music Entertainment

(Today my friend RuRa88 a.k.a. R.R. reviews Britney Spears’ ’99 debut album …Baby One More Time and introduces a brand new format for One for albums the author finds unworthy of a track-by-track, and don’t really have any real highlights. Did I just give away the ending? Oh well… As always whenever I feel the need to open my mouth whatever I say will be in Italics as well as in brackets. So for the extremely dumb among you: Whenever entire sentences are italicized and in bracket, it is I Sir Bonkers. Everyting else is R.R.’s. Enjoy and leave some comments for him below.)

I once made a promise, wrote a review and detested the promise I had made. This is the second version of the review given the first version lacked pun. Right, this is the second time I pressed the play-button of my CD-player thus the title of the review should suffice. I sincerely hope this will be the last time I have to listen to this shiny disc containing formulated Teen Pop from 1999.

Guess which  album found its place in my CD-player? Britney Spears’ album …Baby One More Time. Let me give you an inside to the situation. A few minutes ago I was happy listening to old school Pink Floyd and now this. Do know I am censoring myself to save you from my more coarse vocabulary, arghhh…

Track one starts with teenage insecurity as the title of the album is the first track of the album followed by longing for the boys love à la (You Drive Me) Crazy. The second track at least has a guitar solo. Track three Sometimes focuses on insecurity en unpredictability in a relationship, oh my. Track four gives you time to bounce again since Soda Pop is quite bubbly sounding, leveling the vibes again. (If anyone cares, this track was also on the Pokémon Soundtrack, which was reviewed earlier on She is still waiting for the boy to make a move though, party time indeed. Party time is over with track five named Born To Make You Happy since the boy is gone. Apparently they broke up, aha. Even slower track six kicks in appropriately named From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart and yes the boy is still gone and the first love is very much missed.

Oh why? I will just have to finish the track list for now which is still tolerable given the production of the album itself is slick and it sounds very pleasant. The album is very vocal oriented and Britney does not sound bad at all.

The pace picks up again with track seven called I Will Be There. Reminds me of a typical Celine Dion song, oh well. In the mean time the story of the lyrics continues: I am still here, come to me! (A sign of hope I guess.) Nice guitar again and the backing vocals are really done well. A standout track follows. Yes it’s time for I Will Still Love You with Don Philips. Just for the instrumental side this track is a standout alone on this album but the lyrically it is a continuation of track seven. Nostalgia about love is nice; I get it. Up tempo, a dance beat and track nine kicks in, Deep In My Heart. The love is back, how romantic.

The Romance continues with track ten, Thinkin’About You since all is good again. Being together feels good, understood. Britney’s voice sounds very nice on this track. E-Mail My Heart is the name of track eleven. (Does anything date an album more efficiently than it containing a song titled E-Mail My Heart?) The boy is gone again. How to urge for contact: ask for an e-mail in 1999. The end is near though since the twelfth track is groovy and fun because The Beat Goes On. This line says it all: “Drums keep pounding a rhythm to the brain”. The first lines of The Beat Goes On do what most of the tracks on this album fail to do: they move me. Track twelve is worthy of the repeat button.

Now the largest problem I have with this album is the overall theme of ‘love’. The love theme is almost constantly being repeated with slight changes in context. Thus lyrically I find this album as good as processed food remains squeezed out of the body. Britney Spears herself had no say in the lyrics and just did a good job. Instrumentally the albums sounds slick and pleasant. No loudness, no sibilance, no excessive bass emphasis and not too much emphasis on anything really to annoy me.

If it wasn’t for The Beat Goes On I would have taken out this shiny disc and would have put in something less ‘formulated’. In a few minutes I will do so no matter what. Should I ever feel the urge to press play for this album it would be for track twelve. The extra tracks on my album version don’t interest me.

As for you my dear reader and Sir Bonkers, I shan’t recommend this album to anyone but a cactus since it lacks human ears. Of course feel free to give this shiny disc a listen while I feast my ears and brain to some old David Bowie music…